About Safe Zones

Our mission at Safe Zones is to reduce and to eliminate occurrences of bullying among children and adolescents both in and out of the school setting, through prevention and intervention methods and education programs. Safe Zones is dedicated to improving quality of life, sense of community, and a safe environment in our schools and neighborhood for all of our children.

Safe Zones is a nonprofit organization that is solely made of volunteers from our community. Each one of our volunteers has the passion to help make a difference in a child’s life and to promote the safety of their community. Safe Zones is funded in part from fundraising, donations and mini grants.

Over the past three years Safe Zones worked with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Legislature, local politicians and concerned citizens’ groups, with drafting of the nation’s first comprehensive anti-bully bill. The Bully Bill For The State of Massachusetts was signed into law on April 31, 2010, Safe Zones was pleased to see that our message was heard.

Safe Zones believes that the Anti-Bully Bill is only the beginning to ending bullying in our schools and communities. The Anti-Bully Bill focuses on the school day and on making anyone involved in the school setting mandatory reporters of bullying activities, in school or out. However, we believe faculty, staff, bus drivers and school personnel aren’t the only ones who should be responsible for promoting the safety of our youth. The entire community can and should play a role.

Just because the school day ends at 3:00PM, doesn’t mean Anti-Bullying programs should too. Safe Zones Programs are designed to help promote the message of anti-bullying prevention and education throughout the community.

“The new laws hold the school system and its employees and agents responsible for reporting bullying, in school, on the playground or at the mall.

Not only does the law place a lot of pressure on one group of people, it sets an unrealistic expectation that one small subset of the community alone can combat this problem.

Safe Zones Programs are designed to educate and involve the entire community in the process to prevent and report bullying.”

-Jerry Pinto, Founder-Safe Zones