Ask Safe Zones

Ask Safe Zones

If you have a question on bullying, whether you feel you are being bullied, cyber-bullied or have been accused of bullying, you now how a place to turn. Safe Zones is pleased to have Attorney Michael W. Turner volunteer to answer your questions with no-cost or obligation.


Attorney Michael W. Turner is an independent, legal practitioner whose practice concentrates in the area of Education Law, Criminal Law, and Employment Law.

Attorney Turner represents the victims of bullying or harassment, in both the school setting or work place and those who have been unjustly accused. It is not uncommon for schools and employers to punish both the victim and perpetrator. Children are the most vulnerable and since 2002 numerous children have committed suicide due to constant bullying.

“Safe Zones is fortunate that Attorney Michael W. Turner has volunteered to help our youth in their time of need.

Whether someone is a victim of bullying, has witnessed bullying or has been accused of bullying, Attorney Turner can provide much needed guidance.

We are thankful for his service and support.”

-Jerry Pinto, Founder-Safe Zones

For more information or to contact Attorney Turner directly please direct your correspondence to:

Law Offices of Attorney Michael W. Turner
242 Wareham Road
P.O. Box 910
Marion, MA 02578

Phone – (508)748-2362