Safe Zones Communities

safe zones Communities

The Safe Zones Communities Program is available to classify cities, towns or municipalities who want to adopt a comprehensive anti-bullying and safety program; from Safe Zones Schools and Buses, to Safe Zones Locations and Neighborhoods. Safe Zones Communities will have access to the entire array of curriculum, training, resources and services offered by Safe Zones.

Safe Zones Communities demonstrate to anyone entering the community borders that acts of bullying and aggression are not tolerated anywhere in the community. Safe Zones signage will be placed on main throughfares serving notice to any potential aggressor and reassuring residents that the community they belong to takes anti-bullying measures seriously.

Safe Zones Communities agree to investigate acts of aggression and bullying, protect the victims of acts of aggression and to educate, reform, and if necessary, apply punitive actions to those who perform such acts, up to including the possibility of civil or criminal charges.

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community (noun)
1 : a unified body of individuals: as:

-the people with common interests living in
a particular area
– a group linked by a common policy
Source: Merriam-Webster online

"It is time to bring back that sense of pride and community to our neighborhoods; to get to know your neighbors and to watch out for and protect each other from harm."

"Safe Zones Communities" is designed to help cities, towns and municipalities to incorporate a cohesive approach to keeping the children in their community safe, no matter where they are."

"Don’t our children deserve at least that?"

– Jerry Pinto, Founder of Safe Zones