Safe Zones Internet Safety

safe zones Internet safety

The Safe Zones Internet Safety Program is designed to help educate and inform students, parents and teachers alike about the ever-present dangers in the online world; from cyber-bullying and stalking, to inappropriate content and identity theft, and everything in between, our technology experts can assist you in making smart choices online.

Safe Zones Internet Safety will provide parents with the knowledge and tools to help identify and report acts of bullying and agression that happen online or through the use of technology such as text or instant messaging, email, chat rooms, or social networking sites. We will help students and children to feel empowered to report when they feel they are being targeted by bullies or aggressors and provide them with tools and techniques to help protect themselves and their personal information safe.

Safe Zones Internet Safety topics include:

  • Cyber-bullying
  • Responsible Internet Use
  • Safe Social Networking

Additional topics that can be covered by our Safe Zones staff include:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Cyber Security
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright
  • Protecting Your Personal Information Online

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According to EducationTechNews, cyber-mobbing is the latest online threat to be used by bullies and aggressors. Cyber-mobbing is inciting large groups of online users to target a single victim en masse – with the intention of causing irreperable harm to the victim, up to and including committing suicide.

"Cyber-mobbing is a terribly malicious tool which is employed by cyber-bullies to extend their reach and power over victims. "

"Cyber-mobbing participants often times do not even know the victim but participate for their own personal need to feel like they belong to something larger than themselves."

– Jerry Pinto, Founder of Safe Zones