Safe Zones Neighborhoods

safe zones Neighborhoods

The Safe Zones Neighborhoods Program is available to classify neighborhoods where the families and neighbors have decided to take a stand againt bullying on their streets. Many cities and communities have small areas that identify themselves by name, usually the name of a central street or landmark in the area. The common naming carries with it a sense of pride and community and when asked, where do you live, these neighbors proudly identify their neighborhood.

Safe Zones created the Safe Zones Neighborhood Program to allow these proud neighbors to serve notice to anyone entering these areas that bullying and acts of aggression will not be tolerated in their neighborhood. Safe Zones Neighborhood signs include a telephone number for reporting any acts of bullying or aggression to the proper agency so that action can be taken to address the issue.

Become a Safe Zones Neighborhood today. It’s easy. Simply pledge to yourself and your neighbors that you will not tolerate bullying or acts of agression and that you will report any such acts to the proper agency. Contact Safe Zones today and we will be happy to provide your neighborhood with Safe Zones Neighborhood signs you can display to inform potential aggressors that "bullying is not tolerated here."


neighborhood (noun)
1 : neighborly relationship
2 : the quality or state of being neighbors
3 : a place or region near
4 : the people living near one another
Source: Merriam-Webster online

"It is time to bring back that sense of pride and community to our neighborhoods; to get to know your neighbors and to watch out for and protect each other from harm."

"Safe Zones Neighborhoods" is designed to help neighborhoods become united by a single cause, one that each neighbor can easily identify with and support – keeping the children in their neighborhood safe."

"Don’t our children deserve at least that?"

– Jerry Pinto, Founder of Safe Zones

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