Safe Zones Programs

Safe Zones is made up of six different programs, each of which is designed to help children when they need it most. Together, these programs form a safety net for children wherever they are. From Safe Zones Neighborhoods to Communities, Schools to Buses, and our Internet Safety Program, children will know they will be able to report any acts of aggression or bullying and receive assistance.

The six programs are:

Safe Zones Schools

Safe Zones Schools are schools that embrace the Safe Zones message that “School Zones should be Safe Zones.” and that foster a safe and secure environment where every student is treated with respect and compassion allowing them to focus on learning activities. Visit the Safe Zones Schools page for more information.

Safe Zones Buses

Safe Zones Buses are school buses that carry the Safe Zones logo, indicating that bullying and acts of agression will not be tolerated on the bus. Children can feel safe and secure on the bus knowing that they will be protected from aggression. Visit the Safe Zones School Buses page for more information.

Safe Zones Locations

Safe Zones Locations are public places where a child who feels they are being bullied can enter and receive the compassion and care they need to feel safe. Many locations in the community have agreed to be Safe Zones Locations, including: Police Departments, Fire Departments, Community Centers and local businessess. Visit the Safe Zones Locations page for more information.

Safe Zones Neighborhoods

Safe Zones Neighborhoods are areas of the community that have agreed to protect their children from aggression and mistreatment. Bullying doesn’t stop when school let’s out. Often times bullies follow children home from school or live in the same neighborhoods as their victims. SafeZones Neighborhoods vow to keep a vigilant eye out for bullying and to help harbor victims, providing a safe haven for all children. Visit the Safe Zones Neighborhoods page for more information.

Safe Zones Communities

Safe Zones Communities are those cities and towns which have agreed to support and promote the Safe Zones message of anti-bullying and violence prevention. When visitors enter a Safe Zones Community, they can be assured that the residents take the job of protecting their children seriously and will not tolerate acts of aggression or bullying withing their community borders. Visit the Safe Zones Communities page for more information.

Safe Zones Internet Safety

Safe Zones Internet Safety is a program designed to help educate and inform students and parents about the dangers that exist on the Internet and World Wide Web. The Safe Zones Internet Safety program includes a presentation and handouts that can be delivered at your location and can be tailored to your specific needs or concerns. Safe Zones also includes free resources promoting Internet Safety on our website and at our school-age childrens’ site, Visit the Safe Zones Internet Safety page for more information.

“Most anti-bullying programs fall short because they only focus on bullying during the school day.

Bullying occurs throughout the day, often following the victim home, whether the bully is phsycially present or uses cyberbully tactics.

Safe Zones believes that bully prevention programs shouldn’t end when the school day ends”

– Jerry Pinto, Founder of Safe Zones is our website designed for preschool and elementary school-age children. aims to educate and inform children about safety in and around the school area in a friendly and lighthearted manner. To achieve this goal, the site uses cartoon characters, bright colors, and illustrations. was the brainchild and creation of students in the Media Technology program at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School.

They recognized a need to reach children at an early age to help prevent the interactions that can potentially lead to bullying.

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