Safe Zones Schools

safe zones Schools

The Safe Zones Schools Program is built upon a complete system of education and awareness as a means to prevent bullying, and a procedure for addressing bullying incidents that includes reporting, discipline and rehabilitation.

Safe Zones understands that bullying is not tolerated in any school, but traditional anti-bullying programs only focus on punishment and deterrents," says founder Jerry Pinto. The SafeZones Schools Program is different because we focus on bullying education, prevention and rehabilitation.

Safe Zones Schools are schools that adopt the our curriculum to help promote the message that "School zones should be Safe Zones." Safe Zones Schools foster a safe and secure environment where every student is treated with respect and compassion allowing them to focus on learning activities.

The list of Safe Zones Schools keeps growing. The New Bedford School Department has joined Safe Zones to make every school in the city a Safe Zones School.

Safe Zones Schools are identified by their brightly colored signs posted on the premises.

SafeZones School

"Bullying is not tolerated in any school, but the Safe Zones Schools Program takes a different approach to addressing the issue.

We focus on bullying education, prevention and rehabilitation where traditional anti-bullying programs focus solely on punishment and deterrents.

We believe both the bully and the victim can be educated to help reduce the number of bullying incidents in our schools.

In fact, if we educate children at an early stage, we believe we can prevent bullying in a great number of situations."

– Jerry Pinto, Founder of Safe Zones